OKB Group planning to build wood waste-burning power plant in Krasnoyarsk Region

The wood waste recycling project to be realised in Krasnoyarsk Region has been discussed at a video conference. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, OKB Group Company, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Industry, Energy, Housing and Utilities of Krasnoyarsk Region, and the Institute of Forest Technology, Siberian State University.

The main topic of the meeting encompassed the technological and organisational aspects of implementing the OKB Group investment project for recycling timber industry wastes in Krasnoyarsk Region. The draft project of the energy complex is designed to consume 500 tonnes of wood and other combustible waste per day. The energy project will contribute to efficient recycling of the timber wastes, solve the waste disposal problem and provide a reliable and uninterrupted supply of heat and electric power to local consumers. According to the investor, the energy facility will be environmentally friendly. At the moment, the project author is considering several sites holding the required stock of timber wastes. Among the priority options, there are the territories near Lesosibirsk and Kansk towns. The investment will exceed 35 billion roubles.

Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko told the meeting parties about the investment potential of Krasnoyarsk Region. According to him, the region has a wide stock of natural resources and the conditions fit for large-scale investment projects. "Krasnoyarsk Region is continuously improving the business development environment and the governmental support of the investment activity. This project may serve as a platform for some future projects. We are ready to help the investor receive the available regional and federal support," remarked Sergei Ladyzhenko.

Deputy Minister of Forestry Anvar Bikbov told about the investment capacity of the regional forest industry. According to him, one of the objectives of the latest forest policy is the development of profound timber processing. The seven pellet and one briquette production enterprises established in the Region made it possible to reduce the number of accumulated timber wastes several times. However, there remains a large amount of wastes: in 2019, the waste balance constituted around 9 million m3, and according to the Ministry, in the first six months of 2020, 640 thousand m3 of unused timber wastes have been collected. The issue of unauthorised timber waste dumps is still open. It is especially urgent in Lesosibirsk, the Boguchansky and Minusinsky Districts, and in the town of Kansk.

In his turn, the representative of the Ministry of Housing and Utilities of Krasnoyarsk Region Andrei Lysov noticed that there was an urge for processing the technologically unusable timber wastes into energy. The project would increase the share of biofuel used in the fuel and energy balance of the Region to replace the traditional fuel types. The forest harvesting and timber processing waste hold a great energy potential.

The Director of the Institute of Forest Technology, Siberian State University of Science and Technology, Sergey Verkhovets remarked that the region had developed a high-level competence in forestry. The regional academic organisations are ready to offer the investor their technological solutions in timber waste recycling, to do the required research and to develop special HR training programs.

As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed to continue the partnership to select the most suitable site for the facility. For this purpose, it is planned to do the required survey of the current timber waste volumes and estimate the amount of electric and heat energy consumption by private and commercial customers.

For reference

OKB Group is an investment and production company. It incorporates several companies operating in diverse industry domains. The Сompany is interested in implementing new innovative technological solutions for the processing of recoverable wastes into a competitive product at a single production facility in the territory of the Russian Federation.

By the present moment, the Company has built and started its enterprises in the territories of Lipetsk and Irkutsk Regions, particularly, the endocrine material processing plant and pellet production from timber wastes.

Cover photo: lps.lv